Episcopal Identity


Episcopal education has a distinctive culture and character which integrates spiritual formation into all aspects of the educational experience in a graceful and inclusive manner.  Episcopal schools are created to be communities that honor, celebrate, and worship God as the center of life while valuing faith and reason as a way to true understanding.  Parish day schools, like St. Stephen's, were founded to offer educational excellence in a context of Christian mission and social responsibility.  The elements that direct the faculty, staff, parents, and students of St. Stephen's, our Mission Statement, School Creed, and Core Values, echo the tenets of Episcopal Identity.  The National Association of Episcopal Schools suggests that by weaving these principals into a school's overall life, Episcopal schools ensure that their missions are built on the sure foundation of a Christian love that guides and challenges all who attend these schools to build lives of genuine meaning, purpose, and service. 

St. Stephen's Episcopal School was created as and remains the largest and most diverse ministry of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church.  As an outreach ministry of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, the School holds daily chapel services as a way to honor its Episcopal identity and school founders.  Students are placed at the center of the Chapel experience, and they are guided by clergy and faculty.  All children attend Christian education and spiritual formation classes once a week. In the tradition of Episcopal schools, St. Stephen's teaches and models Anglican rituals, open-mindedness, tolerance, peaceful resolution, appreciation of spiritual differences, and understanding of the world community.  The academic and spiritual foundation students receive creates the base upon which they build lives of wisdom and integrity, while fostering a pervasive feeling of hope and enthusiasm.