All lead teachers, including PreK teachers, are degreed and certified. Many faculty members also hold Masters Degrees.  

Early Childhood Faculty

Preslee Allen.jpg

Preslee Allen

Preslee Allen is beginning her third year at St. Stephen's after being named WIMBERLEY's BEST TEACHER this past Spring.  She holds a BS in Education in Early Childhood through 6th grade from Texas State University.  She is also a certified English as a Second Language Generalist in Early Childhood through 6th grade.




Robin Weeks

This is Mrs. Weeks' fourth year at St. Stephen's, but is her eighth year teaching. She holds a BS in Elementary Education, PreK through 6th Grade, from Texas State University. She is also a parent of a current St. Stephen's student and a recent 6th Grade Graduate.

"My main goal is to make St. Stephen's PreK a memorable time in your child's life that will help form a strong academic, social and personal foundation."


Mary Jarosz

Mary Jarosz has been a faculty member since 1995 and has a Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Texas. Mrs. Jarosz serves as a Teaching Assistant for PreK3 three days a week. Her daughter also attended St. Stephen's from age 2 through 8th Grade.

"I consider my position as a PreK Teaching Assistant at SSES to be an honor and a blessing. Preschool is such a wonderful and exciting time for children to explore and learn about the world we all share together. My many years of experience at SSES have taught me that I believe we all learn from and nurture each other. I look forward to every school day because the children challenge and inspire me, make me laugh, and ultimately fill my heart with joy.  My prayer is that I do the same for them each day. I am so fortunate to work in such a beautiful place and have the opportunity to work with the wonderful faculty, administration, staff, and amazing students of SSES."


Debbie Boxley: PreK and Lower School Assistant 

Debbie Boxley has been a faculty member since 1990 and is the School’s institutional memory. She supports PreK and our Lower School grades with a focus on Kindergarten through 2nd Grade.

"I demand a lot of respect and am a disciplinarian, but in a very loving manner!  I want the children to love learning and want to come to school.  Learning should always be fun!"

Lower School Faculty


Haley Thibodeaux: Kindergarten 

Haley Thibodeaux has been a faculty member since 2009 and holds a BS degree in Interdisciplinary Studies/Early Childhood through 4th Grade Generalist from Texas State University.

"I believe that children are born with an open mind ready to be filled with knowledge. They are smart and I am a tool to guide them on the path to understanding. Engaging children in hands on learning activities gives them a sense of teaching themselves."


1st/2nd Multi-Age

Tracey Dugger

Tracey Dugger is in her fourth year at St. Stephen's and holds a BS degree in Psychology and a MEd degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston. She has sixteen  years of teaching experience and was the 2013 "Teacher of the Year" at her former Houston elementary school.

"I meet the needs of all learners through a combination of small and whole group instruction daily. Differentiation allows me to challenge and support each individual child and develop their confidence and self-esteem as learners. I strive for a community environment within the classroom through processes learned from Love and Logic and Capturing Kids Hearts. Building relationships and a community environment within the classroom is paramount in creating an atmosphere where kids feel secure to take risks and expand their knowledge."


1st/2nd Multi-Age
Kathryn Harrison

Kathryn Harrison is in her third year at St. Stephen's. Ms. Harrison holds a BFA degree from the University of North Texas, a Masters of Education from Texas Women’s University, and has done Post-Graduate study at Texas A&M Commerce. She has over 30 years of teaching experience and formerly served as a Reading/Dyslexia Specialist in Wimberley I.S.D


3rd/4th Multi-Age
Yvonne Lewis

Yvonne Lewis joined St. Stephen’s last fall as our Advancement Coordinator and moved into a permanent substitute role in 1st/2nd Grade in January 2016.  She begins her first full year this fall as the Lead 3rd/4th Grade teacher.  Yvonne holds a BS in Interdisciplinary Students at Texas State University with a Generalist Early Childhood through 4th Grade teaching certification, and she  has twelve previous years of teaching experience.


3rd/4th Multi-Age
Lyn Crowley

Lyn Crowley joined St. Stephen’s in January 2016 to teach 3rd and 4th Grade math and science.  She holds a BS in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Lyn holds an Early Childhood through 6th Grade Texas Teaching Certificate, and she has taught for the last 6 years.  


5th/6th Multi-Age
Michael Stafford

Michael Stafford holds a BA in History from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters of Education from Concordia University in Austin.  Michael will be leading the 5th/6th grade in his first year at St. Stephen’s.  He has three prior years in teaching and holds Texas certifications in Early Childhood – 6th Grade and in Social Studies 8 – 12.  

Specials Faculty


Anne Jones: Music/Kindergarten Assistant/Chapel Coordinator/Spiritual Formation & Growth

Anne Jones has been a faculty member since 2008 and has a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Texas, Austin and is Kodály Certified from Texas State University. She  has successfully introduced character education through an innovative, cross-curricular, African drum program by Dancing Drum®—“Drumming Up Character.” Two of Mrs. Jones' favorite quotes are:




Leslie Williams: Studio Art

St. Stephen's is pleased to add Leslie Williams to its list of stellar studio art teachers this year. Leslie has recently retired from Wimberley ISD after 26 years (28 total teaching years). She holds a BS in Education and a Masters of Education from Southwest Texas State University. Leslie is certified in All Level Art and as a Generalist in Early Childhood - 4th Grade.


Sandra Herrera: Physical Education

Sandra Herrera is in her fifth year at St. Stephen’s and holds a BA degree in International Business and Spanish from Saint Edward’s University, and a MBA from Texas A&M University-Laredo. Coach Herrera leads our St. Stephen's Elementary and Middle School archery teams along with Erik Honer.

"I like to think of myself as an encourager. I encourage the kids to play fair, and play hard, and always have fun. Physical education plays a vital role in the students' development and growth. It is in P.E. where the kids learn the value of taking care of their body through regular exercise and healthy eating."

Additional Education Facilitators

Courtney Honer: Extended Care Coordinator & Summer Camp Director

Courtney begins her fifth year associated with St. Stephen's by assuming the coordinator's role for Extended Care. She also directs summer camp at St. Stephen's.


Erik Honer: Archery Coach

Erik, Age 16, is in his third year supporting the Archery program at St. Stephen's. He also teaches Robotics and Science during summer camp at St. Stephen's.