St. Stephen's Episcopal School, established in 1989 as an active ministry of St. Stephen's Church, enrolls children from PreK3 through Sixth Grade at the 52-acre campus it shares with the Church.

Our Mission

To develop each student to his or her full potential academically, spiritually, morally, and physically. Through educational experiences in a Christian community, each student will grow in grace and become a responsible and ethical leader. 


Our Philosophy

In the tradition of Episcopal school education, St. Stephen's is a community rooted in faith and committed to providing a challenging academic curriculum while remaining sensitive to the development of the whole child. The School places great emphasis on the creation of a safe, family environment where the unique worth and beauty of all human beings can be proclaimed as creations of a loving, empowering God.  

School Creed

I believe in God above, I believe in Jesus' love. I believe His Spirit too, comes to teach me what to do. I believe that I should be kind and loving, Lord, like thee.

Honor Code

As a member of the St. Stephen’s School Community, I accept personal responsibility for my actions and their impact on other members of the community. At all times I will exhibit academic integrity, cultivate a safe and respectful environment, and encourage all others to do the same. Specifically, I will not lie, steal, cheat, nor use language/behavior that is harmful to others.                                                

The St. Stephen’s Honor Code is discussed with and signed by all students.

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.
— Nelson Mandela

Core Values

Laying Foundations, Expanding Minds, Shaping Character, Serving Others

Spirituality.  We are an Episcopal school that focuses on an ongoing relationship with God. We provide daily worship and the opportunity to develop Christian values. We promote respect for all faiths.

Community.  We are dedicated to transforming the lives of our students, families, faculty and staff. We provide an educational community that is safe, nurturing, and joyful. We foster an innovative and creative experience committed to educating the whole child, where each child is known and allowed to pursue self-discovery.

Character.  We believe we are all created in God's image and likeness. We promote the moral values of respect for self and others, responsibility, integrity, tolerance and compassion. We believe that contentment, a good sense of humor, recognition of self-worth and physical well-being reflect a healthy, developing child.

Balance.  We provide a structured environment of challenging academic, artistic, athletic and extracurricular programs and partner with families in the development of their children with an emphasis on individual learning.

Stewardship.  We teach our students the value of utilizing their gifts and talents for the greater good and benefit of others. We encourage students to do their best each day for personal growth, and to give back to the school, the larger community, and the environment through hands-on experiences and applied knowledge.