Parents and Friends Organization (PFO)

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"Parent associations raise money for our schools, they support staff, faculty and administrators, they help sustain special events that give fun and focus to school life, and they help the school community respond to important events in its life."  

Purpose and Mission of the PFO (from the NAES Pamphlet Series)

Every St. Stephen's family is already a part of the PFO - no need to sign up!

The PFO simply invites you to help support the School staff, teachers and students in any way you can. It may be in helping plan one of the School's fundraisers, acting as a room parent, helping provide a meal to a family going through a tough time—or even as simple as pulling a few weeds in the Discovery Garden! Big or small, your support is greatly appreciated by all!

Each spring, tentative PFO plans and initial committee structures are established for the following school year. At the beginning of each school year, a kick-off meeting is held to discuss the approved initiatives, and to finalize dates and committees. In addition, planning and status meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. If you are not able to attend these meetings, but would like to participate in some way, please contact the School office. Your time and talent will be put to good use!

An extra special time each month is the PFO social. Socials are typically held the Friday evening after a Tuesday morning PFO meeting. Some socials are planned for the entire family, others are planned with adults in mind. Friday social locations/times TBA.


Take a look at the School calendar for a list of upcoming PFO activities!